Gary Gilbert - Lead Guitar, Vocals

 A native of middle Tennessee and growing up in Nashville, Gary was influenced at a young age by all the great guitar players who lived in and around Music City. One standout was Jimmy Atkins, brother of Chet Atkins who played in the Les Paul trio at the time. As a teenager, Gary was blessed to be able to take guitar lessons from Jimmy and progressed very quickly to club and road dates by the mid to late seventies.

In the early eighties, Gary joined Memphis, a band made up of former Stamps Quartet members, Elvis Presley’s singing group. Gary also spent most of the eighties doing studio work and package shows as a back-up player and multi-string instrumentalist, playing guitar, pedal steel, and dobro, for many artists from the Grand Ole Opry to the Lawrence Welk show. These artists include The Royal Guardsmen with Dave Shannon, Troy Shondell of The Shondells, Little Jimmy Dickens, the Ottwell Twins, the Dean Twins, the Lagaurde twins, and the Haggar Twins.  

By the late eighties, he began modifying and repairing guitars and all stringed instruments for legions of players he had met through playing gigs in and around Music city. This eventually lead him to open his repair business known as KING BEE GUITARS, located in Franklin, TN which he currently owns and operates.

From early 1992 to 2006, Gary was a vocalist-guitarist for the dynamic Soul Alliance Band. After a few years off, he began doing some fill-in gigs with The Beaker Street Blues Band , becomimg a permanent member in August, 2010.  “I’m always ready to gig with these fellas!”

Chuck Schumacher - Sax, Flute, Harp, Vocals

A native of Northern Minnesota, Chuck's first calling to the music business in the early 70's, at age 18, was over the border learning the ropes with Canadian show bands. A one-year stint in Mississippi with an 8-piece horn group and then New Orleans for a year and a half, most influenced his playing style. "Of all the places I've played, New Orleans is my favorite".

In 1977, Chuck moved to Los Angeles and stayed for thirteen years, where those early influences started paying off as he began what would become the main focus of his career - forming his own bands. The most notable, a recording group called Legend, became one of L.A.'s most popular groups during the 80's and in 2021 was included in the Top 10 Iconic All-Time Best Bands list.

Next was the Silverwing Band, a western swing group formed with some of L.A.'s top musicians, recording many of Chuck's originals and opening for such acts as Alabama, Dolly Parton, Reba McIntire, Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and others.

While in L.A., Chuck had the opportunity to put his sax playing on several commercials and movie soundtracks. In 1990, Chuck moved to the Nashville area with his family and is playing the music he loves most - Blues - with The Beaker Street Blues Band.

Marshall Pearson - Drums, Vocals

Born in Clarksville, Marshall studied music at Austin Peay University and worked as an actor with lead roles in Camelot, My Fair Lady and South Pacific. He's played a variety of parts in numerous videos, television productions and commercials, and contributed to soundtracks as well as many album projects.

He was lead vocalist and drummer with the rock band Harrison Anvil, a member of The Diamonds, Van Dells, an 18-year veteran of The Sons Of The Beach, and has traveled the globe in concerts with Rare Earth, ZZ Top, Flo & Eddie and most notably as drummer and backup vocalist with the legendary Roy Orbison.

Now, with The Beaker Street Blues Band, he continues to provide strong, dynamic vocals and what he's most well-known for - a solid, in-the-pocket groove.

Gary Link - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Gary was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1950 and started playing guitar and piano at age 12.  He (like a lot of us) saw the Beatles and life was never the same again.  He fronted his 1st band in Pittsburgh playing guitar at the age of 14 and played in various garage bands until he headed for college.

 From 1968-1972 he attended Penn State University and played in numerous rock, soul and blues bands around town. In the summer of 1970, he roadied with a band out of Union, Kentucky and befriended Syd McGinnis (who later became David Letterman’s  guitarist). One day while Syd was practicing, he asked Gary to pick up the bass and jam with him, and Gary never put the bass down again.

 In 1972 he re-entered the Pittsburgh music scene, met singer-songwriter David Werner and recorded 2 albums.  Through David, he met guitarist Mark Doyle, moved to Syracuse, NY and played with The Mark Doyle & Joe Whiting All Star Band and The Buddy Grealy Band. He then met up with Andy Pratt and toured and recorded with Andy from 1975-1977.

 In 1977, he returned to Pittsburgh and formed a power trio called “The Dogs” (with Danny Stag, who went on to play and record with “Kingdom Come”). Then, off to L.A. in 1978, he signed his first record deal with “Chopper” and recorded with famed songwriter/producer Jeff Barry.

In 1980, he toured Europe with Dokken and toured and recorded with John Kay and Steppenwolf from 1981-1984. He went on to tour & record with Rita Coolidge from 1986-1991. From 1992-1994 he performed and recorded with various entertainers in and around the Los Angeles area, moved to Nashville in 1994, and presently continues to lay down the groove with the Beaker Street Blues Band & Steppenwolf during summer tours.

Joe Lamont - Keyboards, vocals

Joe Lamont was raised in Illinois and started playing music at an early age. A keyboard player who enjoys laying down that timeless, classic, B-3 Organ sound, this barrelhousing, honky-tonker has had a rich, creative life. He graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a B.A. in Performance Theater and played keys for various bands including Tanya Tucker, Justin Moore, Kracker Jack, Daniel Lee Martin and The legendary New Mexico band, Mercy.

Joe blossomed as a musician, surrounded by the all-star playing of Kevin Hardage, Tabitha Trujillo, James King, and the legendary bassist Satty Chaves. Joe has toured extensively and makes Nashville his home playing with The Beaker Street Blues band and working for various artists doing session work!

Hollie Farris - Trumpet, Vocals

Earned his Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music Education at Arkansas State University.  

After a brief teaching career as a band director, he entered the U. S. Army and was selected to become a member of the elite 82nd Airborne band at Ft. Bragg, N.C. where he was solo trumpet and arranger and performed “Taps” at over 100 military funerals.  

  While touring with a popular Nashville show band, Hollie was heard by James Brown and hired on the spot.  He became lead trumpet, section leader, arranger, and later, band leader and music director. 

Hollie also toured with Steve Winwood, The Commitments, and 

Joss Stone, the British soul-singing sensation. 

Hollie is also a composer, having written songs for Brown, jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa, and television shows.